Monday, April 1, 2013

just for me


  1. Cool! Does this mean you got this? Or is it something you would love to have? So fun to see you post it!

  2. You'll have to give us an explanation for this post, I am very curious! :) I love your blog design by the way, it's very pretty! I look forward to more!

  3. Here's the story: Yes, I confess I was risky and spontaneously bought this for $150 from a ksl classified! I called 5 hours after it was posted at 9:30 at night and the guy was willing to deliver it to my home (he lives on the others side of the Wasatch Front Mtns- Morgan area). He told me the next morning that his phone was ringing off the hook and one woman was even try to convince him that if he would just sell it to her, she would come pick it up and he wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of delivery. I could tell that it was high quality and elegant and knew that it would be snatched up by someone else in a heartbeat! It is an antique, has dovetail joints and feels solid to the touch! The details are beautiful...oooooh how could a girl resist?? Well I just couldn't and still can't believe that I did such a thing. I will have to work very hard to make up for this one!!! I hope I can be forgived.....

    I plan on using this for a vanity just for me! I am going to use the mirror that came with grandma Marilyn's dresser that Dad gave me and prop it on this beautiful desk. I plan on lovingly making it mine and cherishing it for years to come. I wanted this to be an investment piece and plan on only having a few investment pieces in my entire homemaking life. If you have a minute visit my pinterest board called "just for me" and you will see all the ideas I collected for this! They are fun and most are inexpensive.

    I forgot also that it emails you when I post something! I was actually trying to just get it onto one of my Idea Boards on Pinterest (it has to be online to pin something). Thanks for your comments! Love you guys...